Controlling Yourself Is Concentration

I am a firm believer in work when you work and play when you play.” When you give yourself up to pleasure you can develop concentration by thinking of nothing else but pleasure. When your mind dwells on love, think of nothing but this and you will find you can develop a more intense love that you ever had before. When you concentrate your mind on the “you” or real self, and its wonderful possibilities, you develop concentration and a higher opinion of yourself. By doing this systematically, you develop much power, because you cannot be systematic without concentrating on what you are doing. When you walk out into the country and inhale the fresh air, studying vegetation and trees, you are concentrating. When you see that you are at your place of business at a certain time each morning you are developing steadiness of habit and becoming systematic. If you form the habit of being on time one morning, a little late the next, and still later the following one, you are not developing concentration, but whenever you fix your mind on a certain thought and hold your mind on it at successive intervals, you develop concentration.

If you hold your mind on some chosen object, you centralize your attention, just like the lens of the camera centralizes on a certain landscape. Therefore always hold your mind on what you are doing, no matter what it is. Keep a careful watch over yourself, for unless you do your improvement will be very slow.
Practice inhalling long deep breaths, not simply for the improvement of health, although that is not small matter, but also for the purpose of developing more power, more love, more life. All work assists in development.
You may think it foolish to try to develop concentration by taking muscular exercises, but you must not forget that the mind is associated with muscle and nerve. When you steady your nerves and muscles you steady your mind, but let your nerves get out of order and your mind will become erratic and you will not possess the power of direction, which, in other words, is concentration. Therefore, you understand how important exercises that steady the nerves and muscles are in developing concentration.
Everyone is continually receiving impulses that must be directed and controlled if one is to lead a successful life. That is the reason why the person must control the movements of his eyes, feet, fingers, etc.; this another reason why it is important to control his breathing. The slow, deep, prolonged exhalations are of wonderful value. They steady the circulation, the heart actions, muscles and nerves of the mind.. Controlled breathing is very important as a fundation for physical health.
You must not only concentrate your mind, but also the action of the eyes, ears and fingers. Each of these contain miniature minds that are controlled by the master engineer. You will develop much quicker if you thoroughly realize this.
If you have ever associated with big men, you will find that they usually let the others do the talking. It is much easier to talk than it is to listen. There is no better exercise for concentration than to pay close attention when someone is talking.
When you shake hands with someone just think of your hand has containing hundreds of individual minds, each having an intelligence of its own. When you put this feeling into your hand shake it shows personality. When you shake hands in a listless way, it denotes timidity, lack of force and power of personality. When the hand grip is very weak and stiff, the person has little love in his nature, no passion and no magnetism. When the hand shake is just the opposite you will find that the nature is also. The loveless person is non-magnetic and he shows that he is by his non-magnetic hand shake. When there is no love, life loses its charm. The hand quickly shows when love is being aroused. Love develops a person, physically, mentally and socially. Breath deeply when you are happy and you will gain life and strenght.
If you want to get more out of life you must think more of love. Unless you have real affection of something, you have no sentiment, no sweetness, no magnetism. So arouse your love affections by your will and enter into a fuller life. The hand of love always magnetizes, but it must be steady and controlled.
The next time you feel yourself becoming irritable, use your will and be patient. This is a very good exercise in self-control. It will help you to be patient if you breath slowly and deeply.
If you are in the habit of association with nervous, irritable people, quit it until you grow strong in the power of concentration, because irritable, angry, fretful, dogmatic and dezagreeable people will weaken what powers of resistance you have.
Any exercises that give you better control of the ears, fingers, feet help you steady your mind. When your eye is steady your mind is steady.
If a person does not have energy, both mental and physical, he must develop it. If he has energy which he cannot direct and hold to a point he must learn to do so. A man may be very capable, but, unless he wills to control his abilities, they will not do him any good.



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