How To Develop Your Talent

All life is the same, comes from the same source, and contains the same posibilities. In the subconscious of every person is the power that can, but the present application of the power depends upon development of faculty. The power that can produce music is inherent in the subconscious of every person, but in very many persons the power is denied expression because the musical faculty is not developed. The power to paint beautiful pictures is inherent in the subconscious of every person, but in most persons the power is denied expression for lack of training of the objective faculty or talent. The power to conduct great commercial enterprises, and to originate wonderful inventions is inherent in the subconscious of every person, but in the majority is hampered by lack of training and development of the objective faculty, or talent. All power is given to the subconscious, but without objective training, or the development of talent the subconscious is like a skilled workman without tools, it can do nothing, or can work only in a clumsy and ineffective fashion. It is the development of talent or faculty, which makes subconscious power effective.
Every talent or faculty finds its expression through some particular section of the brain; and the development of the talent, or the power and easy of the action is in proportion to the fineness and number of active cells in its own particular brain area. A child born with a large number of fine and active cells in one section of the brain will be a “natural” musician; one born with the same condition in another section of the brain will be a mathematician, and so on. The musical ability, or the mathematical ability, or the oratorical, or artistic ability are the same in all cases, but the easy and power of expression will depend upon the number, fineness, and the activity of the cells in the particular brain area involved. It is a correct expression to say: ” I have no musical talent”, if you speak of the power to express yourself in music; but it is not correct to say: “I have no musical ability”, if you speak of potential power to cultivate expression. You have as much musical ability as any one, but it may be a much longer and harder task for you to develop talent than if you had been born with a good start in that direction.
The development of talent is a matter of multiplyng brain cells, and increasing their activity; and this is accomplished by turning the energy of the subconscious to the work. And we know that the subconscious cannot work unless it is supplied with proper materials, perfectly prepared. You cannot build fine and active brain-cells with partially digested food; so the first step in the development of talent must be to adopt the no-breakfast plan, and begin the practice of fletcherism. Give to the subconscious the finest and most perfectly prepared materials, and it will manufacture the finest and most perfect cells in whatsoever part of the body it may expend its power.
Having supplied the subconscious with the right materials for brain building, the next step is to direct its energies to the proper section of the brain. It has been taught that the best method of doing this is to concentrate the attention upon that section of the brain for a considerable period every day, thereby, increasing the circulation of the blood, the nerve action, and consequently the nutrition and growth; but a better aquaintance with the matter shows us that this process is unnecessary. The process of “sitting” several times a day for concentration upon various sections of the brain, soon becomes burdensome and monotonous; and it is found to be unnecessary. There is a better and more natural way.
The development of talent is accomplished by obedience to the same law which governs all other development and attainment. Do what you can do today, and do it in the most perfect manner possible; and when you can do any one thing perfectly, it will give you the ability to do a more difficult and complicated thing tomorrow. It is a self-evident proposition that all growth and all advancement must come by obeying this law. If you can do the work of your present position only in a feeble and imperfect fashion, you certainly could not “make good” with the larger and more complex tasks of the next higher position. It is not merely doing what you can do today, but doing it perfectly that causes development.
It will be seen by what is said above that the development of talent is, in part, a physical matter; the section of the brain used in expressing the particular talent must be cultivated.

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