Mental Magic in Human Life Part One

Passing on from the lower animal life to the plane of human life, we find on all sides many manifestation of Mind Power along the lines of telementation and mentative induction. Now, as never before, is this mighty force being employed for worthy or unworthy purposes in every day human life.
On the one hand we hear and see it being used for the curing of the ills to which the flesh is heir, many of which ills, by-the-way, having been brought on by improper methods of thinking: by the adverse suggestions of advertisments describing deseases, urging patent medicines, etc.; as well as by the ignorance of the masses of people regarding the effect of negative thoughts and depressing auto-suggestions.
We also see Mind Power employed through to the channel of suggestion, being exerted to bring about better and more positive mental states among those who have been manifesting negative mental conditions.
We also witness the exploitation of Mind Power, under various names by numerous cults, sects and organizations, through many schools, teachers and publications-under many different names, and backed up with various ” authorities”. We also see the same force being improperly used in hypnotic exhibitions, and in other forms calculated to weaken the wills and positive mentality of other persons.
But it is all the same power-no matter how used. Like any other natural force, it may be either be used for the service of mankind, or for its hurt.
When you have become acquainted with the fundamental principles underlying this great natural force, you will be able to recognize it, a;ways, beneath its many disguises, garbs, titles and formulas.
The same old Mind Power, you will find it.
Whether in the form of personal magnetism, or the subtle fascinating charm of one mind over another-thet form of mental force that influences as if by an irresistible charm; that bewitches, allures, charms, enchants, attracts; or in what has been calling fascination, in which one person is able to influence another by exercising a power influence upon his or her affections, emotions, passions or thoughts; or in some of other similar forms of the exercise of an unseen, inexplicable influence upon others, or in the phenomena known as “psychologism”, with which all are more or less familiar; or in the phenomena attendant upon the revival of the ancient occultism in the last twenty years, under various names and forms, the fundamental principle of which consists in forms and mental treatments of one kind or another, present or absent; or in the phenomena of what has been called suggestion of which we hear so much in scientific circles; or in the various forms of mind or faith cures, of which so much has been heard of late years, and upon which a number of religions and cults have been built; or in the repulsive forms of mental influence known as Black Magic- we have the same fundamental principle, and manifestation of some phase of general phenomena of Mind Power.
The same cause is under all its manifestations-“good” or “bad”, “black” or “white”. It is all the operation of the one great law, or principle of Nature.

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