Mental Magic in Human Life-Part Two

We see on all sides men who seem to exert a wonderful and mysterious mental influence upon others-upon those associated with them, or upon the public mind. Leaders spring into prominence, apparently owning their power to some mysterious influence over the minds and wills of others. Some attain power and position-others attain wealth and social state, by reason of inner force.
When we meet certain people, we become at once impressed by a something about them that makes its power and influence felt by us. They seem to radiate a peculiar force that bends our wills captive, and causes us to fall in with their desires, to a greater or lesser extent.
We know that when some people enter a room they bring with them an undefinable influence that becomes apparent to all. Certain houses and stores have atmospheres of their own, which are perceptible to those entering them. Some salesmen impart a sense of confidence and trust at once, while others cause the reverse. Some persons attract-others repel.
Some people seem to have a way of influencing the minds of others with whom they come in contact, so that these others will rally around the self-constituted leader, and thus cults, religion and “isms” are formed.
We all know how far a strong “magnetic” leader may care his followers. We have seen many instances of it during the past. People followed some of these leaders like a flock of sheep. And they will always do so, until the underlying principle is understood and people protect themselves.
And all of these things go to form part of the phenomena of Mind Power. Surely the subject is worth investigating.
Now, as never before, the subject of the mystic forces of Mind Power is attracting the attention of the majority of thinking people. In ages past, the knowledge of the subject was possessed by but the few, who jealously guarded it from the minds of the masses, the latter obtaining but scraps of the hidden knowledge, and that adulterated with the gossest superstition and attributed to the particular form of primitive religion prevailing in the particular place, at that particular time.
And even now, not with standing the popular interest in the subject, but very few have arrived at a scientific understanding of the matter, and the majority take their knowledge of the New Psychology in the capsule of dogma and theory advanced by some particular cult or sect.
Mind Power has been known to the race, in one forme od another, from time before history was written. In the earliest records we find many traces of it among all peoples. And, even today, it is known and practiced, in a more or less ignorant manner, by all races, from the people of the highest civilization known to us, down to the ignorant African Bushmen.
And, in as much as this law is in constant operation, and all are subject to its influence and effect, does it not become the duty of intelligent people to acquaint themselves with this mighty force or law, in order that they may understand its workings; take advance of its benefits, and protect themselves against its misuse?
Believing that there is but one answer to this question, this material has been written in order to throw light on a subject commonly left in the dark, or at least in the twilight in the human understanding.

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