More About Physical Magnetism

You will remember that when you have come in contact with any of the strong characters in any walk of life, those whose success depends upon the strong effect they produce upon other persons, you have been conscious of a feeling that they radiate strength and power. You actually felt the power coming from them. And, you will also remember that this power did not seem to you to be mental power or intellectual strength, alone. It seemed instead, to have much of the physical in it.
In order to realize the difference between this power and pure intellectual strength and ability, you have but to remember another class of gifted persons, like the great students, writers, etc., and any other people who have developed great intellectual power. These people as a rule are non magnetic, as the term is generally used. They do not radiate or throw off force, and the element of physical magnetism is almost entirely absent. They seems to be center of great intellectual energy, but nothing more. There are teachers, preachers, lawyers and students whose intellectuality is well developed, but who lack that “something” which impresses persons. The magnetic person is almost always possessed of that indefinable “something”, which we call strength and energy.. The magnetic person is never weak, flabby, jellyfish type.
The combination of mental magnetism and physical magnetism is needed to produce the full phenomen of personal magnetism. But, mental magnetism without its physical counterpart is like a mind with a body-it lacks substance and effectiveness.
The occultists said that in the personal atmosphere of the individual, his “aura”, they call it, there is to be found not only the vibrations of his mental states and character, but also the vibrations of his physical magnetism, or nerve-force. They state that to those who have developed physic power, these nerve-force vibrations may be seen extending from the body some two or three feet in either direction, the whole aura having an egg shape. It is said to have a faint violet colour, something like a pale electric flame, and to quiver and vibrate in a manner similar to the motions of heated air arising from the stove, or the groung on a hot summer day. They also claim that when a strong person is using his will, this nerve-force, carrying with it his mental magnetism, may be seen shooting in great sheets or flashes from him to the other person or persons.
Thought-waves unaccompanied by currents of nerve-force lack force and effect, and are like cold mental power devoid of life and activity. A person in whome nerve-force is actively present, and who has consciously or unconsciously aquired the art of combining it with his thought waves, will send forth words or thoughts fairly charged with dynamic force, reaching and affecting those with whom they come in contact.
The great leaders of men have had this nerve-force largely developed and actively employed. When they spoke, the other persons were almost compelled to do the bidding of the strong person. Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte were two marked examples of the use of this power.
There are some persons who seem, naturally, to absorb, store up and effectively use their nerve-force of physical magnetism. Such are very fortunate, for they are saved the trouble of cultivating the processes referred to. But those who do not possesses this gift, naturaly, may by practice and perseverance develop it in themselves. Knowledge is power, and a cultivated and developed faculty is often far more effective than a similar faculty present at birth and not understood or worked for.
When you have once aquired the art and science of the absorption and storing of nerve-force, you will be surprised that you have never thought of it before. When you aquire this power, you will be conscious of being a center of an enormous energy, and you will also be made aware of your power by the effect upon other persons. Not only in matter of personal magnetism, but also in the matter of imparting the vibrations of strength and energy. You will notice that other persons will be conscious of something in your handshake and touch that will surprise them.

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