Personal Magnetism-The Mental Phase


There are two distinct phases or poles of personal magnetism, the mental and the physical, and your success will depend upon the coordination of the force of both poles.
The mental pole or phase of personal magnetism depends for its force and energy upon the ability of the mind to create thought-waves and to project them beyond the limits of the brain., into the personal atmosphere of the individual, and even beyond the range of his own personal atmosphere when necessary. When accompanied with the physical magnetism generated by the other pole of magnetic activity, this mental magnetism strongly affects other persons coming within the field of action of these thought-waves. But without a good supply of the physical magnetism, these thought-waves fail to have sufficient strength to produce marked results. It would seem that the physical magnetism were needed to give “body” to the mental magnetism, just as the mental magnetism is needed to give colour, character or “soul” to the physical magnetism. The two phases of magnetism must work together to gain the best effects.
The mental phase of personal magnetism depends upon two coordinated manifestations of mental power:
-the holding of certain mental states until the mental atmosphere becomes charged with the vibrations of the particular mental state,
-the conscious projection of the mental current from the brain centers, by the action of the will of the individual.
The mental atmosphere of the hopeful, expectant individual is composed of vibrations of a hopeful, cheerful character, which tend to impress and affect other persons coming within the field of activity of his personal atmosphere. Likewise, the mental atmosphere of the gloomy, depressed individual is composed of vibrations of a gloomy, depressing character, which impresses and affects individuals coming in contact therewith. And, in the same manner, all of one’s mental states will become manifest in his mental atmosphere, and accordingly, will affect those with whom he comes in close contact.
The truth of the above statements will become apparent to anyone who will give the matter a moment’s careful consideration, remembering at the same time the impressions created upon him when he has come in contact with different individuals. He will remember that some individuals have left upon him the impression of gloom, inefficiency, failure. Others have left him with a feeling of suspicion, distrust and uneasiness. Others still have given him the impression of cheerfulness, confidence and good will.
The atmosphere of some persons is such that it causes us to let them alone, and to take no stock whatsoever in their business propositions. Others, instead, imbue us with confidence and trust, and give us the feeling that we would like to do business with them. Some persons leave upon us the impressions that we have been in the presence of a snaky thing, and we often get scarcely repress a shudder of disgust and dislike while others create in us the impression that the other person is a good friend and can be depended upon as a helper and comrade.
The second way in which the mental phase of personal magnetism operates, that of the conscious projection of the mental currents from the brain centers, by the action of the will of the individual, also demands work on the part of the student who wish to create a strong personal atmosphere.
The principle of this second form of mental action consists in the use of the will in a conscious projection of thought-currents. This is true in the case of simulating of personal atmosphere, and also in cases which one endeavors to produce an effect upon the mind of some other person in whose presence he may happen to be. The mental states produce and create the mental atmosphere, but the will serves to project them forth with force, and to generally energize the atmosphere and increase the effect.
It is just as if you have created a reat store of mental magnetism in your brain, and given it the proper quality and color by the character of your mental states. This would naturally create a personal atmosphere or aura around you, which would be felt by others. But then image the increased strength and effect that would arise from the use of your will to project and force atward from your brain these mental vibrations. You will see at once how such an action of the will would tend to energize and increase the vibrations of your mental atmosphere. It would be like turning on an extra firce of the power. Again, you will see, by a little thought, how much stronger will be the effect upon any special individual, if, in addition to the vibrations of our personal atmosphere, we add the force of a special current of mental force directed steadily and pointedly at his mind, by an effort of our will.

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