Soul, Mind and Body

If there is an individual soul that leaves the body at death, as most of us suppose, then the individual soul must be an organization of cell souls, just as the body is an organization of cells.
The body is referred to as the “shell”, the “husk”, the “house we live in”, the “temple”. In leaving the body, then, only the coarser elements are sloughed off and left as “dead”, while the soul of every cells ascends, still organized in the individual soul; and the body cells disintegrate because the soul no longer holds them together.
This agrees with the statement of Theosophy that there is an “astral body” within the material body, which is like the material body, but more beautiful. Many persons claim to have seen this astral body leave its “temple”
It seems reasonable to suppose that this spiritual body carries within it all knowledge gained in this state of being, and that in a new generation the older experiences are “forgotten”, just as a thousand things are forgotten every day of our lives-things which at some future time we may recall. The thing was there, in our subconsciousness all the time. It simply did not affect us strongly enough to make us think about it.
A child’s interest’s in this generation keeps in the background of subconsciousness its memories of past generations. If it wanted to hard enough, and thought about it enough, it could recall incidents in previous generations just as it can recall an incident of yesterday or last year which it has temporarily forgotten.
Many people claim to have recalled past states of existence by desire and concentration, and many claim to have flashes of remembrance without any special desire or intention. And The Society for Psychical Research has on record many strange cases of dual or many-sided personality, which seem to confirm this conception of soul and body.
It seems to me that the soul is the naked life force which is one with spirit; that material experiences are the matrices by which the life force, or soul force, is formed and organized into individuality; and that we shed the “material” parts of the body as fast as we can-just as in the lower forms of life shells are discarded when backbones appear; the shell protecting and moulding the life-form until it is sufficiently formed and organized to do without the shell.
When the physical body becomes too stiff and un-yielding a form for the growing mind or soul, then it is discarded. And it looks as if the soul, through growth and attraction, steps into a new generation where the material at hand will afford it a better matrix.
As long as the body is alive and yielding, responding readily to the developing organization of the individual, the soul keeps changing in its matrix, its body, day by day as needed; but a stiff, too rigid and old-style matrix or body has to be discarded in whole for a new one.
The body, astral and material, is the storage of the past experiences and the wisdom organized through those experiences.
The objective mind in the brain is the surface of the storage, the doorway by which all this wisdom and knowledge entered into individual organization. The brain is the switchboard by which we are able to use this store of wisdom and knowledge at will.
The objective mind governs and directs not only the switchboard, but all the sub-stores with which it connects.
The objective mind also connects with the universal storehouse of wisdom, upon which it draws by what we call “intuition”. It is through this connection with the universal that we are enabled to “rise higher than our source” of subconscious wisdom and knowledge gained in previous generation . In order to grow we need the super-conscious wisdom which is all.
Just as by desire and concentration we can recall the knowledge and wisdom gained in previous generations, so by desire and concentration directed toward the Universal, we call to us yet greater wisdom and knowledge than and yet realized.
The body which disintegrates after death is a mere-collection of cell-cocoons from which the organized cell-souls have flown to new states of being. With its soul the body loses its feeling, the atoms disintegrating, each becoming what it was before, simply a bit of death matter, which is not dead at all.
The atoms of matter are just the same after death as before, but the organizing and in-forming spirit and soul, spirit or soul, has departed, leaving each atom to live its little life again without relation to other atoms. Without this organizing spirit to draw and hold the atoms together they fall apart-“ashes to ashes”.
The cell is the unit organization of the body, each cell clothed with many atoms. The soul of the cell leaves it, just as the soul leaves the body as a whole.
That the astral body is an organization of cell souls, just as the physical body is an organization of cells, I have no present doubt.

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