Success And Happiness Are Your Birthright

Holding the poverty thought keeps one in touch with poverty producing conditions. No man has a right, unless he can’t help himself, to remain where he will be constantly subjected to the cramping, ambition blighting influences and great temptations of poverty. His self respect demands that he should get out of such an environment. It is his duty to put himself in a position of dignity and independence, where he will not be liable at any moment to be a burden to his friends in case of sickness or other emergencies, or where those depending on him may suffer. It is the poverty attitude, the narrowness of our thought that has limited us. If we had larger and grander conceptions of life, of our birthright; if, instead of whining, crawling, grumbling, sneaking and apologizing, we were to stand erect and claim our kingship, demand our rich inheritance, the inheritance which is an abundance of all that is good and beautiful and true, we should live far completer, fuller lives.
We should be not poverty-stricken but for the narrowness of our faith, the meanness of our conception of our birthright. There are plenty of evidences in man’s construction and environment that he was made for infinitely grander and more superb things than even the most fortunate of men now possess and enjoy.
Almost every wealthy man will tell you that his greatest satisfaction and happiest days were when he was emerging from poverty into a competency; when he first felt the tonic from the swelling of his small savings towards the stream of fortune, and knew that want would no longer dog his steps.
It was then he began to see ahead of him leisure, self-development, self-culture, or perhaps study and travel, and to feel that those whom he loved would be lifted from the clutches of poverty.
Comforts were taking the place of stern necessities and blunting drudgery, and he realized that he had the power to lift himself above himself, that henceforth he would be of consequence in the world; that he might have pictures and music and books, luxuries for his home, and that his children might not have to struggle quite as hard for an education as he had.
Then he first felt the power to give them and others a little start in the world; felt the tonic of growth, the little circle about him expanding into a larger sphere, broadening into a wider horizon.
There are plenty of evidences that we were made for grand things, sublime things; for abundance and not for poverty. Lack and want do not fit man’s divine nature.
The trouble with us is that we don’t have half enough faith in the good that is in store for us. We do not dare fling out our all whole soul’s desire, to follow the leading of our divine hunger and ask without stint for the abundance that is our birthright. We ask little things and we expect little things, pinching our desires and limiting our supply. Not daring to ask to the full of our soul’s desire, we do not open our minds sufficiently to allow a great inflow of good things. Our mentality is so restricted, our self-expression is so repressed, that we think in terms of stinginess and limitation. We do not fling out our soul’s desire with that abundant faith which trusts implicitly, and which receives accordingly.
The Power that made and sustains us gives liberally, abundantly, not stingily, to everybody and everything. There is no restriction, no limitation, no loss to anybody from his abundant giving.
We are not dealing with a Creator who is impoverishing by granting our requests. It is His nature to give, to flood us with our heart’s desires. He has not less because we ask much. The rose does not ask the sun for only a tiny bit of its light and heath, for it’s the sun’s nature to throw it out to everything which will absorbe it and drink it in.
The candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle. We do not lose but increase our capacity for friendship by being friendly, by giving abundantly of our love.
One of great secrets of life is to learn how to transfer the full current of divine force to ourselves, and how to use this more effectively. If man can find this law of divine transference, he will multiply his efficiency a million fold, because then he will be a co-operator, co-creator with divinity, on a scale of which he has never before dreamed.
When we recognize that everything comes from the great Infinite Supply, and that it flows to us freely when we get into perfect tune with the Infinite, when the brute has been educated out of us and the dross of dishonesty, selfishness, impurity, burned out of us, we shall see God without these scales, which makes us blind to good; we shall see God( good), and we shall know good, for only the pure in heart can see God.

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