Talk About The Mind-Part Two

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I share with you now the last part about the Passive effort and the Active one, as William Walker Atkinson described them. You will see as well the difference between plants, animals and humans, how the Passive efforts and Active ones work for each type of life.

Several of the faculties of the mind often combine to produce a single manifestation. A task to be performed may call for the combined exercise of several faculties, some of which may manifest by Active effort and others by Passive effort.

The meeting of new conditions, or new problems, calls for the exercise of Active effort, whilst a familiar problem, or task, can be easily handled by the Passive effort without the assistance of his more enterprising brother.
There is in Nature an instinctive tendency of living organisms to perform certain actions, the tendency of an organized body to seek that which satisfies the wants of its organism. This tendency is sometimes called Appetency. It is really a Passive mental impulse, originating with the impetus imparted by the Primal Cause, and transmitted along the lines of evolutionary development, gaining dtrenght and power as it progresses. The impulse of the Primal Cause is asisted by the powerful upward attraction exerted by THE ABSOLUTE.
In plant life this tendency is plainly discernible, ranging from the lesser exhibitions in the lower types to the greater in the higher types. It is, however, a manifestation of a rudimentation mentation, funtioning along the lines of Passive effort. In some of higher forms of plant life there appears a faint color of independent “life action”- a faint indication of choice of volition. Writers of plant life relate many remarkable instances of this phenomenon. It is, undoubtedly an exhibition of rudimentary Active mentation.
In the lower animal kingdom a very high degree of Passive mental effort is found. And, varying in degree in the several families and species, a considerable amount of Active mentation is apparent. The lower animal undoubtedly possesses reason only in a lesser degree than man, and, in fact, the display of volitional mentation exhibited by an intelligent animal is often nearly as high as that shown by a lower types of man or by a young child.
As a child before birth, shows in its body the stages of the physical evolution of man, so does a child before and after birth, until maturity, manifest the stages of the mental evolution of man.
Man, the highest type of life yet produced, shows the highest form of a Passive mantation and also much higher development of Active mentation than is seen in the lower animals, and yet the degrees of that power vary widely among of different types of men. Even among men of our type the different degree of Active mentation are plainly noticeable. These degrees are not depending by any means upon the amount of “culture”, social position or education advantages possessed by the individuals: Mental Culture and Mental Development are two very different things.
You have but to look around you to see the different stages of the develpoment of Active mentation in man. The reasoning of many men is scarcely more than the Passive mentation, exhibiting but little of the qualities of volitional thought. They prefer to let other men think for them. Active mentation tires them and they find the instinctive, automatic, Passive mentation process much easier. Their minds work along the lines of least resistance. They are little more than human sheep.
The law of evolution is in progress and man is beginning to develop new powers of mind, which are first manifesting themselves along the lines of Passive effort. Some men have developed these new faculties to a considerable degree, and it is possible that before long Man will be able to exercise them along the line of their Active functions. In fact, this power has already been attained by a few. This is the secret of the Oriental occultists and of some of their Occidental brethren.
The attraction of the absolute is drawing man upward and the vibratory force of the primal impulse has not yet exhausted itself. The one who understands the Law can accomplish wonders by means of the development of the powers of the mind, while the one who turns his back upon the truth will suffer from his lack of the knowledge of the Law.
He who understands the laws of his mental being develops his latent powers and uses them intelligently. He does not despise his Passive mental functions, but makes good use of them also, charges them with the duties for which they are best fitted, and is able to obtain wonderful results from their work. He develops the faculties and powers latent within him and learns how to manifest them along the line of Active mentation as well as Passive. He knows that the real man within him is the master to whom both Active and Passive functions are but tools. He has banished Fear and enjoys Freedom. He has found himself. He has learned the secret of the I am.

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