The Foundation Of Faith

All the things are made from one Living Substance, which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the universe. While all visible thoughts are made from it, yet this Substance-in its first formless condition-is in and through all the visible forms that it has made. Its live is in All and its intelligence is in All.
This Substance creates by thought, and its method is by taking the form of that which it thinks about. The thought of a form held by this substance causes it to assume that form; the thought of a motion causes it to institute that motion. Forms are created by this substance in moving itself into certain orientations or positions.
When original Substance whishes to create a given form, it thinks of the motions which will produce that form.
The human body is formed from the original Substance, and is the result of certain motions, which first existed as thoughts of original Substance. The motions which produce, renew and repair the body are called functions, and these functions are of two clases: voluntary and involuntary.
The voluntary functions are under the control of the Principle of Health in a person, and are performed in a perfectly healthy manner as long as thinks in a certain way. The voluntary functions of life are eating, drinking, breathing and sleeping. These, entirely or in part, are under the direction of a person’s conscious mind and he can perform them in a perfectly healthy way if he will. If he does not perform them in a healthy way, he cannot long be well.
The involuntary functions of a person’s life are under the direct control of the Principle of Health, and as long as a person thinks in a perfect healthy way, these fonctions are perfectly performed for the action of the Principle of Health is largely directed by a person’s conscious thought, affecting his subconscious mind.
A person is a thinking center, capable of originating thought, and as he does not know everything, he makes mistakes and thinks error. Not knowing everything, he believes things to be true which are not true. A person holds in his thought the idea of diseased and abnormal functioning and conditions, and so perverts the action of the Principle of Health, causing diseased and abnormal functioning and conditions within his own body.
In the original Substance there are held only the thoughts of perfect motion, perfect and healthy functions, complete life. God never thinks disease or imperfection. But for counless ages people have held thoughts of disease, abnormality, old age and death. And the perverted functioning resulting from these thoughts has become a part of the inheritance of the human race. Our ancestors have for many generations held imperfect ideas concerning human form and functioning, and we begin life with subconscious impressions of imperfection and disease.
This is not natural, not a part of the plan of nature. The purpose of nature can be nothing else than the perfection of life. This we see from the very nature of life itself. It is the nature of life to continually advance toward more perfect living. Whatever lives must live more and more.
The seed, laying in the granary, has life, but it is not living. Put it in the soil and it becomes active, and at once begins to gather to itself from the surrounding substance, and to build a plant form. It will so cause increase that a seed head will be produced containing 30, 60, or maybe one hundred seeds, each having as much life as the first. Life, by living, increases.
Life cannot live without increasing, and the fundamental impulse of life is to live. God must live, and God cannot live except as Goh creates and increases. In multiplying forms God is moving on to live more.
The universe is the Great Advancing Life and the purpose of the nature is the advancement of life toward perfection, towards perfect functioning. The purpose of nature is perfect health.
That which lives in a person is always seeking to live more, and since a person lives most when he is well, The Principle of Nature in him can seek only health. The natural state of a human being is a state of perfect health, and everything in him and in nature tends toward health.
Sickness can have no place in the thought of original Substance, for it is by its own nature continually impelled toward the fullest and most perfect life-therefore toward health.
The Supreme Mind never thinks of disease. Disease was not created or ordained by God, or sent forth from God. Disease is recognized only by the thought of humanity. God thinks nothing but health.
A person’s first step must be to learn how to think perfect health; and his second step is to learn how to eat, drink, breath and sleep in a perfectly healthy way. If a person takes these two steps, he will certainly become well, and remain so.

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