Thought Waves Part Two

We receive only that which corresponds to our mental attunement. If we have been discouraged, we may rest assured that we have dropped into a negative key, and have been affected not only by our own thoughts. We have also received the added depressing thoughts of similar character which are constantly being sent out from the minds of other unfortunates who have not yet learned the law of attraction in the world of thought.
Anf if we, occasionally, rise to heights of enthusiasm and energy, how quickly we feel the inflow of the courageous, daring, energetic, positive thoughts being sent out by the live men and women in the world. We recognize this without much trouble when we come in personal contact with people and feel their vibrations, depressing or invigorating, as the case may be. But the same law operates when we are not in their presence, although less strongly.
The mind has many degrees of pitch, ranging from the highst positive note to the lowest negative note, with many notes in between, varying in pitch according to their respective distance from the positive or negative extreme.
When your mind is operating along positive lines you feel strong, bright, cheerful, happy, confident and courageous, and are enabled to do your work well, to carry out your intentions and progress on your roads of success. You send out strong positive thought, which affects others and causes them to co-operate with you or to follow your lead, according to their own mental keynote.
When you are playing on the extreme negative end of the mental keyboard, you feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful, cowardly. And you find yourself unable to make progress or to succeed. And your effect upon others is practically nil. You are led by, rather than leading others, and are used as a human doormat by more positive persons.
We are positive or negative to everyone with whom we have relations. We may be positive to our children, our employees or dependens, but we are at the same time negative to others to whom we occupy inferior positions, or whom we have allowed to assert themselves over us.
We have the power to raise the keyword of our mind to a positive pitch by an effort of the will. But we may allow ourselves to drop into a low, negative note by carelessness or a weak will.
There are more people on the negative plane of the thought than on the positive plane, and consenquently there are more negative thought vibrations in operation in our mental atmosphere. But, happily for us, this is counterbalanced by the fact that a positive thought is infinitely more powerful than a negative one, and if by force of will we raise ourselves to a higher mental key we can shut out the depressing thoughts and may take up the vibrations corresponding with our changed mental attitude.
This is one of the secrets of the affirmations and autosuggestions used by the several schools of Mental Science or other New Thought cults. There is no particular merit in affirmations of themselves, but they serve a double purpose:
– they tend to establish new mental attitudes within us and act wonderfully in the direction of character-building,
-they tend to raise the mental keynote so that we may get the benefit of the positive thought waves of others on the same plane of thought.
Whether or not we believe in them, we are constantly making affirmations. The man who asserts that he can and will do a thing develops in himself the qualities conducive to the well doing of that thing, and at the same time places his mind in the proper key to receive all the thought waves likely to help him in the doing.
If one says and feels that he is going to fail, he will choke and smother the thoughts coming from his own subconscous mentality which are intented to help him, and at the same time will place himself in tune with the failure thought of the world.
Do not allow yourselves to be affected by the adverse and negative thoughts of those around you. Rise to the upper chambers of your mental dwelling and key yourself up to a strong pitch, away above the vibrations of the lower planes of thought. Then you will not only be immune to their negative vibrations but will be in touch with the great body of strong positive thought coming from those of your own plane of development.
By this knowledge you will not be at the mercy of the old authomatic action of the mind, but may have it well under your own control.

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