Three Fold Being

Man is a three-strata being. The obvious stratum is commonly called conscious or objective mind. This is the surface mind, the everyday mind, the mind we use in our waking hours.
Then there is the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind or subjective mind is the stratum of mind which receives the knowledge and wisdom which has passed through the conscious mind. The subconscious stratum of mind holds the habits and instincts formed at some time and placed in and by the conscious mind. “Sub” means under; the subconscious mind lies under the conscious mins, as the depht of the lakes lie under the surface.
But there is a third layer of mind which lies whithin and beyond both conscious and subconscious mind. This may be called, for the lack of a better name, the superconscious mind-the mind above conscious mind-the mind above consciousness. This superconscious mind is what we call God.
Conscious mind is the point of contact between what we have already learned in this and previous states of existence, and the limitless reservoir of truth yet to be learned. Conscious mind is like unto the surface of a lake; subconscious mind is like the dephts of the lake, every drop which has at some time been on the surface, and is liable at any time to be recalled there; but superconscious mind is like the rains of heaven and the streams from snow clad heights, whence the lake is perpetually replenished.
That which we already know, which we do by instinct, rests in the subconscious mind, ever ready to be recalled to the conscious mind. The conscious mind has to do with what which we are now learning. Superconscious mind contains all wisdom, knowledge and power. In it we live and move and have our being and from it we are able to call, by aspiration and inspiration whatsoever we would know.
The visible universe as it is, is the subconscious and conscious mind of God; it represents what has been thought out of the universal reservior of truth. But it is only a taste of the wonderful supplies still awaiting our aspiration and inspiration.
Think of all the wonderful discoveries and inventions in the last let say one hundred years-all thought out of a great universal reservoir; and eye hath not seen nor ear heard the glories that yet await us in the great superconscious realm.
We can illustrate individuality and solidarity by a star-shaped diagram Each point of the star represents a person, a formed character; in other words each represents the subconscious or habit self, the “nature” of the person. The center of the star represents God, the universal mind, with which every person is one on the unseen side. Looking at the points alone there is diversity, separateness; but looking from the center outward toward the points we see that points and center are all one, with no separating lines.
Now imagine a line cutting each point off from the center, an imaginary line, not a real one, and you will have a fair illustration of the conscious mind. The conscious mind lies between the personality and the universality of each of us; between the human and the divine of each; between what has been realized and that limitless reservoire of beauties waiting to be realized.
Look at the star from the center and you will see that each point is simply a little bay projection outward from the center, so each individuality is a inlet of God, each individual mind an inlet of divine mind. And conscious mind is the imaginary line where personal mind and divine mind meet.
Now imagine the center of the star as being fluid, ever living and always free; and think of the points as being nearly solid, partially fixed. Imagine the points as containing water life so muddy with false beliefs that it continually deposits along its edge layers of mud, ever hardening. With the water growing thicker and the beaches ever widening. Thus you will perceive the difference between personality and universality.
Now imagine the conscious mind endowed with will; note that when it turns toward the point of the star, toward the “material” part of itself, it becomes tense with anxiety and thus shuts off the point from the center, preventing a free play of the currents of life through the star point, the personality. So, the personality dries up, literally. This is the procwss by which we grow old.
Then imagine the conscious mind turned in faith and love toward the center of life-think, with this broader vision and knowledge of life, how lightly it would hold the things of personality, of that little point of personality. Knowing that the personality is only a little inlet of divinity, and that the broad opening between the two is always open, that personality exists as a result of ever-flowing currents of divinity, and, that only his own grasping and straining can hinder the currents. So, knowing all this, conscious mind turns away from the already realized personality and throws wide the opening into the great center of all life.
Thus the conscious mind looks up, not down, and comes into his kingdom of love, wisdom, power. This inspiration and aspiration. Yes, you may receive what you will, provided you call upon the superconscious mind, the One mind over all. Whatsoever you can ask this mind believing you receive, you shall have.

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