We Are All Architects


We live in our own worlds and we are creations of our own thought. Each builds his own world by his thought habit. He can surround himself with an atmosphere of abundance or of lack.
God’s children were not made to grovel, but to aspire, to look up, not down. They were noi made to pinch along in poverty, but for larger, grander things. Nothing is too good for the children of the Prince of Peace. Nothing too beautiful for human beings, nothing too grand, too sublime and too magnificent for us to enjoy.
Why should we not expect great things if we are made in God’s image and are His children?
The very holding of the mind open toward all the good things of the world, expecting and appreciating them, will have everything to do with obtaining them.
There is something wrong when multitudes of sons and daughters of the King of Kings, who have inherited all the good things of the universe, starve on the very shores of the stream of plenty, of opulence unspeakable, which flows past their very doors and which carries infinite supply.
Our circumstances in life, our financial condition, our poverty or our wealth, our friends or lack of them, our condition of harmony or discord, are all very largely the offspring of our thought. Everything we get in life comes through to the gateway of our thought and resembles its quality. Right thinking will produce right living, claen thinking a clean life, and a prosperous, generous thought followed up by intelligent endeavour to make your thoughts and your ideals real will produce corresponding results.
We ought to stand in the same relation to the Infinite Source as the child does to his parents. The child does not say: ” I do not dare to eat this food for fear that I may not get any more.” He takes everything with absolute confidence and assurance that all his needs will be supplied and that there is plenty more where these things came from.
We do not demand the abundance which belongs to us, hence the leanness, the lack of fullness, the incompleteness of our lives. We do not demand royally enough.
Poverty is often a mental disease. If you are suffering from it or if you are a victim of it, you will be surprised to see how quickly your condition will improve when you change your mental attitude, and, instead of holding that miserable and limited poverty image, turn about and face towards abundance and plenty, towards freedom and happiness.
Success comes through a perfectly scientific mental process. The man who becomes prosperous believes that he is going to be prosperous. He has faith in his ability to make money, He does not start out with his mind filled with doubts and fears, and all the time talking and thinking poverty. He does not walk like a pauper, does not dress lake a pauper. He turns his face towards the thing he is trying for and is determined to get, and he will not admit its opposite picture in his mind.
There are multitudes of poor people in the world who are half satisfied to remain in poverty and who have ceased to make a desperate struggle to rise out of it. They may work hard, but they lost their hope and the expectation of getting an independence.
Did you ever think that your terror of poverty, your constant worry about making rnds meet or your fear about that awful rainy day not only make you unhappy, but actually disqualify you from putting yourself in a better financial condition?
We tend to get what we expect and if we expect nothing, we get nothing. The stream cannot rise higher than its fountainhead. No one can become prosperous when they expect to remain poor. The man who is bound to win believes he is going to be prosperous. He starts out wuth the understanding with himself that he is going to be a successful man, a winner and not a looser.
Every achievement has its origins in the mind and every structure is first a mental structure. The building is first completed in all its details in the architect’s mind. The contractor merely puts the stones, the brick and other material around the idea. We are all architects. Everything we so in life is preceded by some sort of plan. There must be a mental picture of the prosperity first; the building around it is comparatively easy. It does not take as great a man to place the material around the idea as to create the idea, the mental picture. This is not idle dreaming, it is brain building, mental planning, mental construction. Dogged imagination is often one of the most practical of faculties; the true dreamer is the believer and the achiever.
To be prosperous we must put ourselves in the prosperous attitude. We must think opulently, we must feel opulent in thought. We must exhale confidence and assurance in our very bearing and manner. Our mental attitude towards the thing we are striving for and the intelligent effort we put forth yo realize it, will measure our attainment.
Opulence is everything that will enrich the personality, the life and the experience. True prosperity is the inward consciousness of spiritual opulence, wholeness, completeness; the consciousness of oneness with the very Source of abundance, Infinite Supply.

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