What Is Faith?

Hi, this article is from one of newsletters I received a few years ago and it is about one of the most crucial yet misunderstood words-faith. True faith as opposed to “blind” faith is one of the very greatest and most blessed of all human attributes and one that should be fully understood in order to achieve all that we wish to achieve and to attain our full potential as expressions of source.

The meaning of “faith” has not been truly understood by most people over the last two millennia, ever since orthodox religion seized this word and turned it into a law.
The person and Spiritual Guide who became known as “Jesus” spoke of faith probably more than any other word during his ministry, ans for very good reason.
True faith is one of the most powerful forces available to us as humans- as the realization our Divine source of which we are all expressions. And as Expressions of Source, which is God, we share exactly the same unlimited unrestricted powers of Creation. So, all we ever need to do is to realize those powers with conviction, confidence and sublime faith in complete assurance and knowledge of our true divine nature.
The opposite of faith is doubt. Doubt is a very powerful but highly negative and destructive emotion, related to fear and apprehension, that effectively blocks and retards the creative, Expressive potential by directly opposing faith. As many people still, due to millennia of programming and control, find it much easier to embrace fear, apprehension and doubt instead of inherent divine faith.
If only those people would reject fear and doubt to instead embrace faith with feeling, emotion and passion, then their lives would change beyond imagination to that of joy, bliss and freedom and one of Infinite Potential.
Faith is the energy, the power behind Expressive everything we wish to experience – effortlessly and make no mistake- we are intended us to be Effortless Expression of Creation, as an expression of Source the ultimate creative force, and therefore effortless creators, “expressers” of live and love. Because Source experiences through us as us, through faith and love.
The secret of experiencing anything what we genuinely needed, wished for or desired is therefore very simple but extremely powerful: know with complete inner conviction, confidence and assurance that we are integral, divine aspect and Expression of Source, God, with the same creative powers, and that Source will express absolutely anything, without limitation in to our experience by virtue of faith and freewill with which source has blessed every human being.
Before seeking to express anything into our physical experience, we should always look within and never without for our true source for inner abundance, with perfect faith and be assured that our motive is pure.
Why your faith makes you whole? Because in reality we are whole already. True faith simply emphasizes that which already is. The works come automatically to the hearth that sublimely knows, with perfect faith.
In the context of the divine Principle of Faith we may include:
-to become aware of the Omnipresence of source is,
-to claim the good desired trough faith, recognition and realization,
-to unconditionally, absolutely accept that desire as already fulfilled in full
-to realize our oneness with source until the feeling of fulfillment arrives.
-to know that which we need or desire is already ours, a waiting expression.
Faith acts on the level of our inner divine consciousness. All life experience is simply states of consciousness and awareness. Nothing can come to us except us as and through consciousness, through mind and spirit. Life is all that we are, all that we are aware of and all that we feel is true. We add or subtract to, or form true faith with every expressed experience. This level of consciousness is an expression of faith in our own experience. Faith is to make the source as real to us as to the person to became known as Jesus. Source dwells within each one of us as Us. But not within our body or brain, within our consciousness.
We are all expressions of Source, we are expression of God.

Now, tell me, please, what is your opinion about faith.

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