What Is The Purpose Of Existence?


All the millions of forms and shapes and varieties of plants and animals that have since appeared are but different manifestations of life, formed to meet different conditions. For millions of years this life germ was threatened by every kind of danger- from floods, earthquakes, droughts, desert heat, glacial cold, volcanic eruptions-but to it each new danger was merely an incentive to finding a new resource, to putting forth life in some new shape.
To meet one set of needs, it formed the dinosaur-to meet another set of needs, it formed the butterfly. Long before it worked up to man, we see its unlimited resourcefulness shown in a thousand ways. To escape danger in the water, it sought land. Pursued on land, it took to the air. To breath in the sea, it developed gills. Stranded on land, it perfected lungs. To meet one kind a danger, it grew a shell. For another, a sting. To protect itself from glacial cold, it grew fur, or in temperate climates hair. Ever from the beginning, it shows its power to meet every changing condition, to answer every creature need.
The great reptiles, the monster beasts of antiquity passed on, but the life principle stayed, changing as each age changed, always developing and always improving.
We can realize that the whole purpose of existence is GROWTH. Life is dynamic, not static. It is ever moving forward, not standing still. The one unpardonable sin of Nature is to stand still, to stagnate.
The Giganotosaurus, that was over a hundred feet long as big as a house, the Tyrannosaurus, that had the strength of a locomotive and was the last word of frightfulness; the Pterodactyl or flying dragon-all the Giant Monsters of the Prehistoric Ages are gone. They ceased to serve a useful purpose. They did not know how to meet the changing conditions They stood still, stagnated, while the life around them passed them by.
Egypt and Persia, Greece and Rome, all the great Empires of Antiquity, perished when they ceased to grow.
In all Nature, to cease to grow is to perish.
It is for men and women who are not ready to stand still, who refuse yo cease to grow. The terror of the man at the cross-ways is not knowing which way to take. But you realize now that your future is your own making. The Life Principle is your own principle. To survive, to win through and to triumphantly surmount all the obstacles has been its every day practice since of the beginning of times. It is no less resourceful now than ever it was. You have but to supply the urge, to work in harmony with it, to get from it anything you may need.
For if this Life Principle is so strong in the lowest forms of animal life that it can develop a shell or a poison to meet a need, if it can teach the bird to circle and dart, to balance and fly; if it can grow a new limb on a spider to replace a lost one, how much more can it do for you-a reasoning, rational being with a mind able to work with this Life Principle with an energy and an initiative to urge it on!
All through your daily life you will find this Life Principle steadily at work. Embrace it, work with it, take it to yourself, and there is nothing you can’t do. The mere fact that you have obstacles to overcome is in your favour, for when there is nothing to be done, when things run along too smoothly, this Life Principle seems to sleep. It is when you need it, when you call upon it urgently, that it is most of the job.
As long as things run smoothly, as long as life flows along like a song, this Life Principle seems to slumber, secure in the knowledge that your affairs can take care of themselves.
But let things start going wrong, let ruin and disgrace stare you in the face-then is the time this Life Principle will assert itself if you but give it a chance.
It doesn’t matter you are a banker or layer, a business man or clerk. Whether you are the custodian of millions, or have to struggle for your daily bread, this Life Principle makes no distinction between rich and poor, high and low. The greater you need, the more readily will it respond to your call. Wherever there is an unusual task, poverty or hardship or sickness or despair, there is this servant of your mind, ready and willing to help, asking only that you call upon him.
It is always able to help, its ingenuity and resource are without limit. It is Mind, it is thought, it is the Telepathy that carries messages without the spoken or unwritten word. It is The Sixth Sense that warns you of unseen dangers. No matter how stupendous and complicated, nor how simple your problem may be-the solution of it is somewhere in Mind and this mental Giant can find it for you. It can know and it can do every right thing.
Whatever is necessary for you to do, you can know and you can do if you will but seek the help of this genie of your mind and work with it in the right way.

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